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For those who know me, for years I was involved in the remote control of radio transmitters.

In 1998 and during my works at Nortel Networks, I was introduced to the World Wide Web, and subsequently to the various tools available to construct a web based application to control and simulate a transmitter front panel. I chose my modified Collins Radio interface and made the frequency tuning linear as per the outstanding works of the electrical and mechanical engineers of the Collins Radio company. In 1979, one of my contacts, a ham operator from U.S.A., told me "You should try to use your system on the INTERNET"., at that time I did not know about the internet and I had forgotten about it, it was the time of the complete phased out of the relays switching telephone system.

Fedora server 38 VMware workstation pro

rp-pppoe without a router,on a single machine.

On your file explorer or FTP Client type

            eliminate errors for Update now link
	        module my-awstatspl 1.0;

		require {
				type httpd_sys_rw_content_t;
				type awstats_var_lib_t;
				type httpd_sys_content_t;
				type awstats_t;
				type awstats_script_t;
			class dir { add_name getattr remove_name search write };
			class capability { dac_override dac_read_search };
			class file { create rename unlink write };

#============= awstats_script_t ==============

-- This avc is allowed in the current policy --
allow awstats_script_t awstats_var_lib_t:dir { add_name remove_name write };

-- This avc is allowed in the current policy --
allow awstats_script_t awstats_var_lib_t:file { create write };
allow awstats_script_t awstats_var_lib_t:file { rename unlink };

-- This avc is allowed in the current policy --
allow awstats_script_t httpd_sys_rw_content_t:dir getattr;

#============= awstats_t ==============

-- This avc is allowed in the current policy --
allow awstats_t httpd_sys_content_t:dir search;

-- This avc is allowed in the current policy --
allow awstats_t self:capability { dac_override dac_read_search };

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			wireguard server on
			1) wg
			2) tcpdump -nn -i ppp0 udp and port XYXYX [for troubleshooting and received data in both directions]
			3) if received is in one direction check rules in all zones
interface: wg0
  public key: xyz........server publickey........zyx=
  private key: (hidden)
  listening port: XYXYX

peer: xyz........client publickey........zyx=
  endpoint: public ip from your ISP:46347
  allowed ips: private ip/30
  latest handshake: 9 seconds ago
  transfer: 16.53 MiB received, 65.44 MiB sent
Single Packet Remote Administration FWKNOP
			SPA server on
			1) Eliminate errors and fiddling first.
			2) Use local interfaces -i lo to check rules insertion and packet authenticity via HMAC and GPG.  
			3) Initial testing on a single machine with both client and server.
			4) Eliminate FKO decrypt error with GPG by removing Rijndael KEY_BASE64
			5) Replace KEY_BASE64 with client-id password
			6) Rotate Keys every hours
			7) Renew set of Keys every 24h
			8) Determine Master keys for sync.
SPA sent

fwknop the use of -n stanza [] is necessary to eliminate Rijndael key in initial testing.(if this key is in access.conf)

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Ritz Carlton Riyadh KSA
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Gpg public key.

Public key

Key ID: EA935720

Fingerprint: 12FC 9B53 B45E 2276 6CA1 CB78 46B0 B12A EA93 5720

  1. NET-184 to
  2. NET-216 to